Terms and Conditions

Our agreement only comes into force when the mobile/static home has been the subject of an inspection by the Company without any payment being required from the customer. In the event that any defects are present and that repairs are deemed necessary by the company these must be undertaken by Park Home Shield at the customer’s expense. If the customer declines to have those repairs carried out then this agreement will not cover the cost of any future repairs needed to remedy the defect or defects which has been identified upon that inspection.

The customer must pay the sum of £30 each month by standing order of direct debit to the Park Home Shield.

Park Home Shield is obliged to carry out maintenance of the mobile/static home only when the customer has made 6 consecutive payments of £30 per month. Any defects which develop within that 6 month period will not be the subject of repair.

If the customer fails to make any payment of £30 per month then the agreement will be terminated 28 days after the payment was due and no further maintenance will be undertaken after the 28 day period.

Park Home Shield will inspect the exterior of the mobile/static home  2 years after the date referred to in paragraph 4 of this agreement and provide a Certificate confirming such inspection and that the exterior of the mobile/static home is a satisfactory condition and free from any defect.

Park Home Shield will, after a period of 4 years has elapsed, re-paint the entire exterior of the mobile/static home at no cost to the customer and the Excess below is not payable.

Park Home Shield will maintain and repair the following external items at no expense to the customer:

    1. All external window seals;
    2. External door seals;
    3. Walls;
    4. Roof line;
    5. Facias;
    6. Guttering;
    7. Drip Felt;
    8. Flashings;
    9. Chimneys;
    10. Roof tiles including replacement if necessary;
    11. Re-roofing following the failure of any structural support;
    12. Roof ridges;
    13. Roof valleys;
    14. Drip Rails;
    15. Cracks and splits to exterior panels;
    16. Damp ingress;
    17. Jacking mechanisms;
    18. Chassis;
    19. Excess floor movement.

Park Home Shield is not obliged under the terms of this agreement to carry out any electrical connections, fixtures or fittings, water pipes, plumbing defects or repairs or any other repairs to the interior of the mobile/static home.

Park Home Shield is not obliged to carry out repairs necessary following lightning strike, earthquake, flash flooding, Act of God or other event or events which were not reasonably foreseeable on the date referred to in paragraph 4 above. The company will maintain and repair the mobile static home and repair only those defects which are caused by normal wear and tear and natural deterioration. The Company will not carry out repairs which are necessary because of accidental damage, howsoever it is caused.

The customer must pay the first £50 of the cost of any repairs (known as “The Excess”).

The customer must not alter, change or add to the structure of the mobile/static home after the inspection of the mobile/static home. If there are any alterations changes or additions to the mobile/static home then Park Home Shield is not obliged to maintain or repair those alterations, changes or additions or pay for the cost of any such repairs.

In the event of the customer wishing to claim, notification must be given to the Company as soon as the defect is identified.

Notification must be by telephone on 0113 2709488.

As soon as notification is received Park Home Shield will inspect the mobile/static home so as to determine whether any repairs are necessary and if they are covered by the terms of this agreement. If those repairs are covered, Park Home Shield will carry the repairs as soon as is reasonably practicable depending on the nature of the defect and the extent to which it adversely affects the customer’s use and quiet enjoyment of the mobile/static home.

All repairs to the mobile/static home must be carried out by Park Home Shield or it’s nominated agents. Repairs must not be undertaken by the customer, third parties or independent contractors. The cost of any repairs not undertaken by Park Home Shield will not be payable under the terms of this agreement.