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Loft Roll (eg glass fibre, rockwool, sheep's wool etc) is only good at combatting Conductive heat los. It does not combat Radiant nor Convective heat loss effectively unless combined with a reflective layer. Insulation must be sealed tight and be fitted at an even depth below the home. This is rarely possible due to it being slung between the floor bearers (joists) and held up by netting or a moisture bonier.

The only completely effective Park Home underfloor insidation is PIR Board. It combats Radiant heat loss due to the foe backing on both sides, it combats Conductive heat loss due to the non-conducting foam construction and is gas-tight due to the dosed-cell construction (ie it won't let air through).

Superfoil and other double-bubble insulation is only good at combatting Radiant heat loss It does not combat Conductive nor Convective heat loss effectively. The material is too thin. The material usually poorly fated by cowboy installers (ie edges not sealed and run over pipes and wiring and sometimes even the chassis!)

Underfloor Services

Many park homes experience cold floors and draughts due to the (necessary) free air flow beneath the home and exposure to the elements. In fact, a third of the heat loss is through the floor of your property it is vital that this part of your property is insulated to a maximum.Our Park Home under-floor insulation system will make your home a cosier and warmer place to be.

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